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Aquarius Horoscope | 20th January - 18th February

Aquarius - angry easily but forgot it in short time.

Horoscope of the Aquarius zodiac

Love to help others, minded, fearless. Love the excitement and unseen story. Not only have many best friend but also have many bad friend. Be full of dreams, love both of reality life and dream life. Personality disorder, moody, quiet, shy, polite, honest, good sense, intelligence, intelligent, love to set goal in life. Love freedom but the fact that was a very sensitive, don't like something nonsense, love to seeing new friend and trust superstitious.

Love of the Aquarius

A tiny romantic but not expression. If the Aquarius have soulmate harness will have to be separated when facing problem. Soulmate will be similar to a close friend, truly faithful, warned and protect you. You have a habit of challenging. Your soulmate elegant look. The Aquarius will have a honored soulmate, affluent. It is much better if you had a daughter before a son.

Occupation and finance for the Aquarius

Changed. Fortunes fluctuated frequently. Is likely to change jobs. Or migration of jobs all the time or a person who loves to work. To learn strange new is not always static.

Disadvantages of the Aquarius

People do not have self confidence. Sometimes aggressive, stubborn, ambitious, distemper, lavish.

The mascot numeral of the Aquarius

Uranus is the star that preserve you. Uranus is the God of knowledge. You have influenced these. That make you creative, always have strange new ideas and innovative.

The lucky number of the Aquarius is 5

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