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Five Elements of Physical Feature of Person

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According to Chinese astrology, our universe consists of five basic elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth . Everything, including humans,in the universe must have a relationship with these five elements. So the five elements are applied not only to every physical thing in the world, but also to the Colors, Directions, Seasons and Sounds,Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds of the Chinese Calendar.These elements, calculated from the date of birth and time ,gives valuable insights in addition to their animal signs into the psyche of the person concerned, their inherent tendencies and their personalities in general .

The Five Elements Chart

Male Branch    Monkey    Rat    Tiger    Horse    Dragon,Dog
Female Branch    Hen    Hog    Rabbit    Snake    Cow,Sheep
Color    White    Black    Green    Red    Brown
Seasons    Fall    Winter    Spring    Summer    Intermediate
Hours    15-19    21-01    3-7    9-13    1-3,7-9,13-15,19-21
Directions    West    North    East    South    Center
Flavor    Spicy    Salty    Sour    Bitter    Sweet
Fruit    Peach    Chestnut    Palm    Almond    Date
Organs    Lungs    Kidneys    Liver    Heart    Spleen
System    Respiratory    Excretory    Nervous    Circulatory    Digestive
Body    Skin    Bone    Nerve    Blood    Muscle
Face    Nose    Ears    Eyes    Tongue    Mouth
Emotions    Sad    Fear    Anger    Happy    Worry
Disease    Dry    Cold    Wind    Hot    Wet
Personal    Renown    Gentle    Honest    Polite     Promises
Planet    Venus    Mercury    Jupiter    Mars    Saturn
Voice    E    O    A    I    U

Relation between Elements

These element relations are conducive, beneficial, congenial, friendly, supporting and generating.(Affinity Relationship)

Water generates Wood - Water is the mother of Wood
Wood generates Fire - Wood is the mother of Fire
Fire generates Earth - Fire is the mother of Earth
Earth generates Metal - Earth is the mother of Metal
Metal generates Water - Metal is the mother of Water

The elements have the capability to destroy, defeat, overcome and overwhelm the other elements as well. (Destructive Relationship)
Water can extinguish Fire
Wood can break the Earth
Fire can melt Metal
Earth can make Water disappear
Metal can break Wood
The elements are also hostile, fighting, resisting, and hurting mutually one another.(Replusive Relationship)

Water dislikes Fire
Wood dislikes Earth
Fire dislikes Metal
Earth dislikes Water
Metal dislikes Wood
Characteristics of people based on the Five Elements

Earth Element People- Persons, whose representative element is the earth, are faithful to their masters, have an idealistic character but are highly ambitious. These persons have dual character. They wish and desire that other persons should accord importance to them, and they desire a loving treatment, in return for for their love. They should avoid and stay away from moisture and marshy lands.

Fire Element People- Persons of fire element have magnetic and attractive personality, remain happy and excited. They wish to remain bound in the love- bounds of their relatives, as they despise seclusion. They are hypersensitive and quick messengers. They should avoid hyper emotivity and planes where there is too much heat.

Water Element People- Such persons are imaginative, philosphers and thinkers. They are clever, scholarly and believe in free lancing. They take up multiple professions. They believe in conferring secrets to themselves only. They should avoid water-laden places.

Metal Element People- They are excellent calculators. They wish to lead an ordelry and principled life. They also like hygenic and balanced environment.Quality is the creed of their life. They should avoid dry places.

Wood Element People- They are high class artists or artisans and perform their work diligently and remain committed to their work and are adept in their profession. They wish to remain busy, and believe in the sort of life which is hardwork oriented. They indulge in wasteful expenditure. They should avoid such places where strong wind blows.

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