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Jewelry for Monday women and men

Topaz, citrine, amber, yellow diamonds and pearls.

Born Monday Is attractive. The propitious yourself. When you was distress, there is usually a great help always. Have a good windfall.

Characterization of the Monday people

Monday people is the gentle sweetness. Convince people speak good impression. Even a gentle but furious mood swings. Furious, but quickly recovered. Both the well dressed and the other. A purist, Have known prudence and foresight, never aggressive, delicate and compromise.

Born Monday is wisdom and pursuing in knowledge, sympathies, loved family, romantic, vacillate but be strengthened. Health is not good but after middle-aged is very good health. If you do charity, health is gradually improving.

Destiny of the Mondays people

For who born on monday if born on waxing moon the destiny will be much better than the waning moon. For the waning moon sometime may be unfortunate about pair.

Born Monday Be careful about the idea or thinking. Should relax the tension on the little thing. And do not factored little into your brain.

Car color for the Monday people

Orange car and Dark yellow car
Supplement fortune about financial, security and capital.

Black car
Supplement fortune about safety from disaster such as accidental or escape of dangerous things.

Blue car and Gold car
Supplement fortune about charm, mature love and compassion to you, there is a fortune in life, security, make people believe in you.

Purple Mangosteen car
Supplement fortune about a pleasant one.

Pink car
Supplement fortune about successful, have been foster sustain, receive housing support from adults, has been promoting the life and career.

Sky blue car
Supplement fortune about success in life and career.

Green car
Supplement fortune about power, ascendancy, prestige, honor and reputation, the respect and the powerful influence, has the ability to command and control the people.

Red car
The red car is prohibited for the Monday people. It mean unfortunately, an evil, hostile opponents, obstacles in life.

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