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Pisces Astrology Feb 19 - March 20

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Pisces astrology

Pisces astrology

Pisces Strength Keywords:
- Compassionate
- convertible
- acceptive
- Devoted
- ingenious

Pisces Weakness Keywords:
- sensitive
- Indecisive
- Self-pitying
- Lazy
- Escapist

Pisces and Independence:

Pisces desires a dominant partner of leader in their life or they're going to terribly simply comprise a pit of sorrow and self-undoing. once they ar freelance and galvanized by life's events, their ability comes shining through however they're unable to get on their own for long before they begin dreaming in their unreal world of happy folks and happy endings. they have people to stay them grounded and on the proper track.
Pisces and Friendship:

Pisces can depart of their thanks to facilitate a disciple. they're extraordinarily sensitive and dependable. they're going to take a friend's downside and create it their own and suffer with them. this is often the weak part of Pisces however any friend of this zodiac sign ought to recognize that though they're interested in folks with severe issues UN agency urgently want facilitate, this truly will a lot of damage them smart. albeit Pisces can supply to create everything right, don't enable them to require on all of your issues as a result of they're going to lose their identity in your state of affairs. they have robust|a robust|a powerful positive friend to create them strong. Pisces like journey, new state of affairs and social events. A Pisces friend can invariably have one thing exciting in mind and it's a awfully fulfilling, long lasting friendly relationship.

Pisces and Business:

Pisces doesn't take well to a grip of leadership or high business person, they're too sensitive and lacking in self-discipline and lacking assurance for a positions like that. What they're smart at is is writing, acting, poetry, or being musicians. Pisces ar glorious at something that tugs at the center strings and mystical/spiritual. they're extraordinarily artistic and may use their skills of ability and their understanding of individuals to inspire others. sadly, most Pisces take the simple resolution in life and ne'er attain the degree of fame that they probably might, they need to prevent self-doubting themselves as a result of they're capable of being smart role models and leaders to others, folks do hunt to them.

Pisces and Temperament:

The Pisces temperament is difficult to pin down, it's terribly mysterious and elusive. Pisces ar wrought by their surroundings, they incorporate their experiences and surroundings into themselves. they need extreme compassion and that they feel the pain of others. If one thing is wrong within the world that affects them, it affects them deeply, they take it to heart and feel extreme feelings concerning the matter. once they ar happy, they're extraordinarily happy and once they are unhappy, they're extraordinarily depressed.

Pisces Deep Inside:

Pisces have associate intuitive and psychic ability a lot of then the other zodiac signs. They trust their gut feelings and if they are doing not, they quickly learn to as a result of they understand that their hunches ar sometimes correct. Pisces downfall is their sensitivity and their inability to reject another person. they are doing not like rejection and that they try and treat others the method they need to be treated in order that they can seldom say no to someone for worry of wounding their feelings. they're going to facilitate another person with their issues and wish to do thus as a result of creating others feel smart successively makes them feel smart. Pisces is that the zodiac sign of self-undoing. folks born below this zodiac sign don't seem to be liable to dangerous luck and unfortunate events, they convey them on themselves by overindulging, laziness and a hang for choosing poorly suited partners and friends. they need folks in their life UN agency stir their emotions as a result of this helps them to apply emotional stability. The inner conflict of Pisces is extremes of temperament and conflicting emotions. they're making an attempt to pinpoint themselves on the $64000 world whereas their unseen will cloud their vision, they're going to try and escape or avoid a state of affairs rather than braving it. Pisces eternal struggle is to find out to use their powers and their imagination during a positive, productive method and vying for emotional stability by not gifting away their emotions to everybody else, they have to assist themselves.

Pisces during a Nutshell:

Pisces is that the sign of mysticism, mystery and also the religious unknown. Pisces board 2 worlds, the $64000 world and also the religious or mystical world wherever they interpret what they see into what they need. they are doing this to avoid all the realities of pain and suffering within the world. they need extremes of emotions and feel each smart and dangerous intensively. Pisces have formidable intuitive ability. Most Pisces ar somehow committed occult or spiritualism. Pisces ar superb at understanding folks for they need the power to dig into the psyche and see behind a personality's motivations. Pisces ar at risk of dependence and pampering lifestyles as a result of their eternal rummage around for themselves and their worry of confrontation and having to alter a state of affairs, conjointly they justify drug use by permitting it to urge nearer with their 'spiritual selves'. Once they aware this is often why they're doing it, it'll be easier to kick the habit. Pisces aren't to be} the pushovers that they will seem, actually they need strength of character and will get up for what they believe and and that they can do labor for one thing they believe. they'll be terribly lazy however solely in matters that they are doing not care concerning. Pisces is that the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.

What it's wish to Date a Pisces Woman:

Pisces girls ar terribly charming and interesting. She makes a person desire a person as a result of her want for a guardian and leader. She is charming, soft and female. the last word enchantress. she will see all the way through a person and she or he isn't straightforward to fool, thus any man higher be straight along with her and not lead her on, as a result of rather than braving him, she is going to merely disappear. She must nurture and can provide the person orders, however just for his own smart. she is going to check that he's intake properly and obtaining enough sleep, kind of sort of a mother nurturing a toddler. What she desires reciprocally could be a man to safeguard and love her, create her desire she is required and preferred. She would possibly virtually be clingy and dependent however ne'er overbearingly. Her partner can become of higher 0.5. She desires patience and sympathy and you've got to be mild along with her. do not ridicule or tease and undoubtedly don't reject her raspingly as a result of she cannot stand rejection. She is extraordinarily romantic and can lose herself within the relationship. The Pisces lady is that the immoderate female nurturer, the perfect lady for the proper man.
What it's wish to Date a Pisces Man:

Pisces man is is that the final romantic, the sensitive man UN agency feels with a girl. Pisces male is that the ideal zodiac sign for the girl UN agency complains that men don't seem to be sensitive enough, this man is. However, he has such a perfect of romance that's fantastic and can fall out of affection once he realizes that there's no such issue because the perfect lady. This man lives within the world of dreams and he desires a girl to stay him grounded. He invariably looks to selected the incorrect lady, or a girl he cannot have sort of a better half that method there's no worry concerning changing into showing emotion connected. He desires a girl UN agency will dominate him, however terribly subtly. She needs to be able to facilitate him steer afar from dangerous habits and dangerous thoughts. Pisces man desires sensitivity, generosity and compassion, nurture him and he can nurture you back. a satisfying emotional relationship for the robust however sensitive lady.
How to Attract Pisces:

talk about spirituality, the occult, astrology, something that's out of reach of the $64000 world. they're going to simply wander away during a smart voice communication. though they're interested in folks with severe issues UN agency urgently want facilitate, this truly will a lot of damage them smart. albeit Pisces can supply to create everything right, don't enable them to require on all of your issues as a result of they're going to lose their identity in your state of affairs. they have robust|a robust|a powerful} positive partner to create them strong. Pisces like journey, new state of affairs and social events and can be up to doing virtually something that you simply counsel. create them laugh, they're sometimes melancholy and can be affected if somebody has the power to create them laugh. they're not terribly conservative folks thus don't be afraid to speak concerning unconventional or strange things and tell them odd jokes, they're going to be affected by that. they're suckers for compliment provide them compliments and tell them during a route that you simply admire them. Be sensitive, generous and delicate, create them feel comfy with you and create them feel smart concerning themselves and every one are going to be sleek sailing!
Pisces sensitive Zone:

The feet ar the foremost sensitive spot for Pisces. Massaging the feet and suck on toes ar sometimes Pisces favorite and can get them steamed up and prepared for action.
Sex With Pisces:

Sex with Pisces is associate emotional and physical expertise, and if you permit it, it'll be a religious expertise likewise. Pisces ar superb at, and love role play. Acting absolutely in their roles. They wish to seduce. Role play that you simply ar in associate quaint whorehouse and obtain them to seduce you, they love titillating games for they're able to get utterly concerned and lose themselves within the titillating play. Pisces likes juicy encounters and far-out activities. a awfully fun partner for those that like totally different encounters and physical sex.

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