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Taurus: An overview (21 April to 21 May)

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Taurus: An overview (21 April to 21 May)

Taurus is the sign of carrots and perseverance. Loyalty and love to the familiar. Caring and patient. Enjoying the good things in life. Taurus is practical, realistic, determined and persistent. Taurus likes to work with others. Focused on concrete and practical thinking and action. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which makes practical, controlled and passive. Small Bull-kiddies are almost always humored and loving hug. But it can be stubborn, for example if you think it's time to eat and your child does not make sense to stop playing. These children are very sensitive and have a great need for safety and security. Often, they are also very sensitive to color, and may have a musical ability. If a Taurus child falls in love and reason grows with the stubbornness usually so bad.

Taurus does not like challenges and the first school, a Taurus-kind delivery sleepless nights. Much suffering can be prevented by in advance to all visit the school and talk about it in advance. With him or her A Taurus needs to put things in a row and only when that is done you get to hear what has been something. Time Important for this child is someone in the area that his or her inner life can feel and understanding for pleasure or displeasure. In childhood, the impressions are not easily forgotten and continuing throughout life can affect. A Taurus has a natural understanding of material things and will not easily throw money down the drain. In the field of exercise can be a certain laziness existence, rather than fiddling around which engage in a gym. There may predisposition to obesity, especially since a Taurus also nice and cozy food lover. Bulls are naturally sensual and loving, but can also be possessive. In early adulthood, there is a realistic and practical outlook on life and a Taurus already very fond of certain, in the course of time developed habits.

Taurus will not bind to the first best, because love should not only be based on reality, they must also stand up to a lifetime. Emotional shock process takes a lot of time. If a Taurus man feels let down, this can provide the rest of life for distrust. But once a Taurus man thinks to love someone then there is no one who can have any influence on exercise. Everything takes place on the Taurus own calm, careful but persistent manner.  Around the age of thirty can existential emerge. Swallowed by all mapped out plans relationship, work, housing etc, can a Bull-man in these years suddenly nostalgic for the little child who played carefree and fun could have. Life seems boring and predictable and feels like a treadmill.

The need for certainty and security may no longer be in equilibrium with a safe and stable, but emotionally skinny relationship. Need for security is always paramount in Taurus, but it is not inconceivable that a Taurus man is now beginning to realize that security will always be found. Primarily in yourself Creative gifts can also at this time again come forward and Taurus can get here from quite confused because the need calls but time-probably-missing. At least, according to the Bull ...

If a Taurus man all warnings from around the age of thirty in the wind has beaten, or, in other words, as the Bull-despite a certain feeling of dissatisfaction and has gone on the road beyond doubt- which was well once all smashed, then there around the age of forty have a crisis expected (the midlife-revolution). The feeling that life is totally slipped from the finger. Yet too often are the Taurus-people living in reasonable harmony reach middle age, people who are well aware that life is not always running as they had desired, but it may have peace. Patience and imperturbability has a Taurus man guided through many difficulties and no hair on the head that remembers unnecessary to create problems.

A Bull has a detest for something to be forced and will in all calmness and tranquility make decisions . There are rarely made ​​mistakes by hasty decisions. Taurus is the "builder" of the zodiac. Sometimes a Taurus man is what too happy about what life has to offer, and there may be an undercurrent of discomfort that is increasingly difficult to suppress. Self-pity and complaining may emerge. As a Taurus child does not know right board with school life, so too can an aging Taurus-human problems in the changes in life. Children leave home, be retired, chances ailments and diseases, loss of loved ones etc, all things that a Taurus (on) can bring. Quite confused Not that a Taurus then-latest-in becomes panic, but rather that he or she will still cling to what is familiar still remained firmly. Certainty in this life is even more important than before.

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