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Jewelry for those born on Thursday

Opal, Carnelian, lapis lazuli, garnet, orange, orange sapphire.

Born on Thursday had the honor, having the good fortune, good esteem but often have problems with their spouse or partner.

Habits were born Thursday

Love to study, love religion, be a purist and strict. Spirit of caring for the people around. Love a stable peace. Love the accuracy and fairness but the fear of change.

The Thursday was revealed. No motive. Speak seriously but too touchy. Adherence to tradition. When anger is cruel and callous but have discretion to act.

Car color for the Thursday people

White car
Supplement fortune about respect and considered acceptable.

Red car
Supplement fortune about safety from disaster such as accidental escape of dangerous things.

Gray car and bronze car
Supplement fortune about solve the problem, without obstacles, without enemies and rivals.

Sky blue car
Supplement fortune about halo, fortune, good luck.

Green car
Supplement fortune about has been successfully. Receive housing support from adults. Be encouraged in the life and career.

Orange car and Gold car
Supplement fortune about charm, mature love and compassion to you, there is a fortune in life, security, make people believe in you.

Black car, Purple car and Blue car
This three color is prohibited for Thursday nighttime people. It mean unfortunately, an evil, hostile opponents, obstacles in life.

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